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Changing the face of UK Barbering.

Raw Image is all about you the customer.

Our aim- to create for a client, a unique individual experience and re-educate the pre misconceived view of barbering..'

Our Mission -To give a traditional industry a respectful revamp and take it forward as the 21st century barbershop with a difference'

It's all about #The RawImage - Quality, Consistency and Continuity

Our mission statement is clear-

‘It pays to look and feel good. Good grooming is our business...’ Kieron Price - Founder, Director and Professional Master Craftsman in Barbering at the Raw Image Barbershop.

You are just 3 simple clicks away from booking a hair appointment.

1. Click register all you will need is your full name email address and phone number

2. Confirm your email address

3. Look to see what time best suits you and click what service you would like.

It is really as simple as that!

Skin fades are £22 on all people thats kids included 

*** CASH ONLY ***

Price List** FROM MAY 1ST**
Haircut OR Skinfade £22.00
Haircut And Beard Trim - £27.00 
Kids (12 And Under) - £15.00 
Beard Trim - £10
Female Disconnection Nape Pattern - £15.00 
Back And Sides #1 Or Above - £15.00 
Skin fade Back And Sides £11
haircuts must be cancelled 6 hours in advance and must be cancelled by the website or app, if you fail to do this it will be classed as a missed haircut. If you miss more than 1 haircut you will have to compensate your barber by paying for the previous haircut missed to then be I suspended on the system.  

- About us -

Kieron Price


Kieron Price began his career as a certified hairdresser prior to making the switch to full-time barbering. For the past 16 years, he's honed his barbering skills and is currently a qualified barbering assessor and barbershop owner, where he manages the business' social media across various platforms. When not busy behind the chair, he teaches seminars at the London School of Barbering and hair industry events. Kieron is a past winner of a BMB Barber of the year 2015 Award and is a founding member of the New World Barbers.

Arichman Perez


Arichman is regarded as of the most talented young barber to ever come out of the UK at 13 he started cutting hair and now at 19 he has won 3 awards to student of the year and creative mens cut. his social media speaks for itself with over 1 million veiws on youtube for hair cutting tutorials and over 40,000 instagram followers who follow his work. Arichman specialises in afro and asian hair. make sure if you are booking a skin fade you are booking Arichman as its what he does best

Zach Battista

Zach Battista is one of most talented young barbers in the UK, his attention to detail accompanied by amazing skills with a pair of clippers makes him a fantastic barber, zach specialises in skin fading and styling, he is only 19 and can only keep improving. make sure you go to his instagram @zachbattista to check out his work.

Korben Lewis

Korben Lewis has been cutting hair for the last 7 years and has a very natural talent in the art of hairdressing, hes a very kind and caring man with a great attitude towards cutting hair! we are very lucky to have Korben on our team, his instagram is @Korby_Cuts make sure you check out his work.

Josh Granger

Josh is our newest member of the team and is currently learning barbering under the supervision of all raw image barbers in the shop. he will be going to collage over the next year learning the craft of barbering doing a few days a week in the shop. he will currently be charging £10 trainee haircuts in the shop! 

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